With a growing brother and sisterhood of 1,800 members, here in Philadelphia, having an effective communications committee is vital to keeping everyone in the know. MEDCOM 1776, was established to be the public relations department of Local 1776. Our department works closely with the other committees to ensure that we are communicating with you.

What we do

The communications department plays a crucial role in the success of an organization. Here at MEDCOM 1776, our main goal is to be the liaison between the local committees, the Union leadership, and the members.


Hot Sheetz

Keeping you up to date and in the know with our monthly newsletter, MEDCOM Hot Sheetz.

Local 1776 Website

The one-stop spot to obtain pertinent information that we see as useful information for our membership.  

Social Media Sites

Real-time communication and networking with our members. A platform for Q&A’s, listening to feedback, and information.  

Call Out Tutorial

on how to find the “Call out” Feature in Jetnet.
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Let’s Start Something new!

We are building a new bridge of communication. You can help make PHL Communications Great Again!  By submitting your thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns, we can create a better local.