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For over twenty years Schwarz & Schwarz has proudly represented the members of the Obie O’Brien Liberty Bell Lodge, Local 1776. During the past two decades, we have become a trusted resource for IAMAW members not only in Philadelphia, but also across the country. Throughout our years of service together, we have watched the incredible dedication and growth that Local 1776 and the IAMAW District 141 have provided to ensure membership and workplace safety. As lodge attorneys we are available to assist in legal matters of members and their families, ensuring fair recovery should accidents occur.

Schwarz & Schwarz has dedicated the past 50 years to promoting safety in the workplace and representing injured workers and their family members. Mr. Schwarz created the Union Safety System that is now used at airport locations throughout the country and is proud to have been asked to speak at multiple State Machinist and National IAMAW Safety Conferences on the topic of job site safety. Mr. Schwarz is honored to have established the Solid Hearts’ College Scholarship in recognition of those exhibiting outstanding community service and dedication to the union cause to enable Local 1776 members and their families’ pursuit of higher education.

Contact Information

One Liberty Place
1650 Market Street,
Suite 3600
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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E-mail Address

New Jersey
Woodland Falls
Corporate Center
220 Lake Dr E, Suite 101
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
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Phone Numbers
215.925.1200 (office)
215.925.1364 (fax)


I have known Danny for the past 20 years. His integrity is so respected that the companies we represent seek his opinion on safety matters.

Gil Simmons
Grand Lodge Special

Danny and his team have taken on major airlines and insurance companies in defense of members and their families and won large settlements on their behalf.

Derrick Monk
American Airlines
Committee Chairman

Numerous instances come to mind where Danny’s
individuality and aptitude in litigation resulted in life changing monetary awards for his clients.

Bill Wilson
Assistant General Chair

Danny always goes way beyond the call of duty and goes the extra mile for everyone he has come in contact with. He is a brother to stand tall with

Rich Howell
Former President
Local Lodge 1776

The Daniel Schwarz
Solid Hearts Foundation
College Scholarship

Do not miss your chance!

Schwarz & Schwarz, PC, Representing Local Lodge 1776 members and their families for over 20 years