IAM Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

offers free, professional, and confidential help for members and their families when a personal problem develops that may affect their job performance. Our EAP Staff and Volunteer EAP Coordinators can help you with resources in the community to address your situation and create a plan of action to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Learn more about the Employee Assistance Program and how you can benefit from this free and confidential service.

With What Kind of Problems Can EAP Help?

The EAP is staffed by mental health professionals who are experienced in helping employees with a range of personal problems.

Depression / Anxiety • Grief & Loss • Alcohol / Drug Dependence • Gambling • Addictive Behavior • Sexual Abuse • Divorce • Debt Management • Elder Care • Trauma Reactions • Domestic Violence • Eating Disorders • Child / Teen Conduct • Marital Relationships

What Services Does The EAP Provide?

Your EAP staff will work with you to find a resource that most appropriately addresses your situation, and to develop a plan of action to meet your needs.

The EAP representative will also follow up with you to ensure that you are getting the help you need and that you are satisfied with the referral.

What Will This Cost?

The services of the EAP itself are free.
If referral to a community service provider is necessary, your EAP representative will work with you to make effective use of health insurance benefits.

Is The EAP Really Confidential?

The program is voluntary and confidential. (There are rare exceptions to confidentiality required by the laws of your community).
You are in control of the course of action you decide to take. Your EAP staff will work with you to find a course of action that works for your situation.

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